The Versidex MEGA-ncw is a power tool accessory fixture. That means it requires something else in order to be useful. In this case, that something else is a hand held, stand alone slip-tenon mortiser, which could be either a biscuit joiner or a mortising machine.

The MEGA is designed primarily for faster, easier, less stressful joinery. To achieve that, we've designed the MEGA to be an integrated, dedicated, self-contained, mobile joinery workstation. By using a powerful, integrated triangle of indexing pairs, The Versidex Integrated Systems Triangle, the Versidex MEGA helps you significantly speed up your production of cabinet and woodworking joinery. To support your enhanced milling experience, the MEGA-ncw can team up with the Versidex Transport System Components, which include upright panel storage carts and a template storage cart. The flexibility and performance of the MEGA can also be enhanced by our line of helpful accessories. Look under Products for Accessories on the Menu bar.

Spend some time here at our site, watch the video(s), explore the FAQ, and read our wordy, sometimes long-winded descriptions as we try to explain this amazing indexing fixture. 

Later, if you're so inclined, send us your thoughts about whether this device could be useful in your shop or factory, or not. You can be a naysayer if you don't want one, since we're sure that somewhere in your comments we will find a kernel of insight that will help us improve the Versidex Indexing and Transport Systems, the MEGA-ncw itself, its accessories, or just this website in general. Email us using the Contact Us button in the Menu bar.