Versidex™ The Original Plate Joinery Indexing System. Faster Thoughput, Markless Indexing System, Dedicated Biscuit & Slip-Tenon Joinery Workstation, Exchangeable & Variable

Located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, Versidex, LLC is a fixture manufacturing company formed from parts of Lanning Partnership Designs, a cabinetmaking company I started in 1981. We bring the same love of woodworking, attention to details, and superb craftsmanship to our fixture productions as we have to our cabinetry for 34 years.

We source the very best components to make the Versidex MEGA-ncw. We look for creative and highly technical engineering, and we pay particular attention to product design aesthetics. Our efforts result in a nicely appointed, sleek, artful, and mobile biscuit joinery indexing fixture. Decidedly low-tech, but very well thought out, your MEGA will operate trouble-free, with great accuracy, for many years. In the unlikely event that it ever needs repairs, parts are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Enjoy your visit here, and see for yourself how the Versidex MEGA-ncw can save you time, errors, and aggravation. You'll be happy biscuit joining at your Versidex MEGA. The smile on your face comes from knowing you've finally found the answer: The Versidex MEGA-ncw !


Steve Lanning, owner

Versidex, LLC


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