They're here--almost!!!!

Versidex is introducing two new compact versions of the MEGA-ncw. The smallest Versidex yet, the MINI 25 will handle 95% of kitchen cabinet sizes, up to 24.5" deep. The MINI 31 will also do that, PLUS will handle mortises into the front EDGES of panels up to 30.5", within the typical upper cabinets' heights, and just like the MEGA does. This capability comes into play with Lamello's Zeta P-2 joiner which can provide for snap-on face frames with the Tenso-14 connector (or using regular biscuits).

The best news is that they will sell for about HALF the cost of the big MEGA-ncw. The MINI 25 only weighs 70lbs. The MINI 31 is about 80 lbs. We have taken away the rolling base, the lower equipment shelf, the inflexion and convexity adjuster (now an accessory), blow gun and hose (accessory), vacuum hose/power cord handling D-ring (accessory), HALF of the platform length, half of the sides length, the end cap for pre-mortised acceptance of an extension table, the iVac power tool delayed-on-off unit, a lot of the decals, the melamine horizontal template (now MDF, which works better), the template noses are now white melamine over MDF instead of painted orange, and finally the pressure bar is now green, too, instead of orange. The MINI 25 is 6" narrower than the MEGA and MINI 31.

That's a lot of stuff, but you've been telling us you need a basic Versidex for smaller shops and/or the occasional user, so these answer that call. But now you will have to figure out how to set it up in your shop. Pricing will be published by March 22, and shipping will begin the first week of April. More details and more website updates & videos shortly! Be sure to check back!!!

See us at the Wood Pro Expo in Baltimore, MD, October 7-8, 2015

We will be exhibiting at the Wood Pro Expo in Baltimore, MD, October 7-8, 2015. We'll be at Booth #107 and be giving technique demos on the hour throughout the two days. After the demos, we can answer any questions and show you other techniques in a less formal way. Through the show's organizers, we can offer you FREE admission tickets. Email us and we'll send you the info you'll need to register online for FREE. Wow! Email us today!

Our thanks to you!

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our July 4th sale! Enjoy your new MEGAs and let us know if you discover a new or better way to use it. 

July 4th sale coming soon!

We're in the mood for a 4th of July Sale to celebrate one year since we rolled out the first fully featured Versidex MEGA-ncw. We've managed to lower our costs by improving our efficiency, and we're going to pass those savings on to you. But we need to know how to reach you. If you've been keeping watch for a price drop, here's your chance.

If you do a high volume of cabinet joinery, and you had purchased a MEGA in November 2014, it would be paid for by now from time saved and you would now be keeping that extra cash in your pocket. If you're moderately busy, it would have been paid for sometime this August. Go for it now, during this special sales event! Sign onto our email list today and receive this special pricing on any Versidex-made product or accessory. Lamello, Shop-Vac, Rolair, iVac, Woodpecker, wheels, fence rails, or any other product made by another company are NOT included in this offer.

Details will follow if you wish to sign up to receive them. Sale pricing will NOT be published on the website. Go to the Homepage on the Menu bar, and click on the email sign up banner (under the July 4th Sale announcement) to subscribe. We don't sell, rent, or otherwise give up your email address. Read our Privacy Policy at any page bottom. Celebrate the 4th with us! Ask us questions! Have your doubts answered. Join the Versidex family today! AND look for our June ad in FDM+C, (under Links on the Menu bar.)

See our ad in the May issue of FDM+C

Take a look at our new ad on page 40 of the May issue of FDM+C. Also, sign up to be on our email list so we keep you updated on new developments here at Versidex. All we ask for is your email address, nothing else.

Who is our typical customer?

We're concentrating our marketing efforts on those shops and small factories that are busy and productive enough to be considering making the jump to CNC equipment, but just aren't ready or able to make that happen yet. These shops keep honing their production practices to be as lean as possible, including minimal material handling and in-shop transporting.

The Versidex MEGA-ncw helps in the lean environment by including the Versidex Transfer System, a two (or more) cart panel organizing and tranporting set-up that is very efficient. One cart hold panels to be milled and the other receives panels from the MEGA after milling. The MEGA also reduces panel handling by being able to perform multiple slip-tenon mortising operations with NO changeout of templates, so panels are handled just once at the MEGA.

See our earlier posts as to the payback schedule for a Versidex MEGA. Even a moderate throughput rate in your shop or factory will pay back the cost of a MEGA in less than two years. Calculate your own numbers and the answer will be right there in front of you: It's time to come over to the Versidex side!

Need to justify your MEGA-ncw purchase?

Say your cabinet production is just 1 typical small kitchen of 10 boxes a week. Say you had purchased and set up your MEGA by January 1st of this year. We figure you would have spent about 2 hours biscuit joining each typical kitchen your old way vs. 1.5 hours on the MEGA. There have already been 15 weeks to 2015, so you would have saved 7.5 hours of shop time @ $75/hr means $560. that you can apply toward recouping the cost of your MEGA, or $560. that you can use to lower your prices and be more competitive, or $560. in freed up time that can be applied toward another job. 

Payback in total takes you just under two years, and then your MEGA keeps on paying YOU back! How did you do on your taxes this year? Check with your tax advisor, but generally the MEGA would be fully deductible as a Section 179 expense toward tools & machinery, saving you another almost $500 if you're in the 15% tax bracket in that first year (nothing in the 2nd year), presuming you can apply the purchase against an equal amount of net business income. Just another way to look at the real cost of joining the Versidex family.

Look for our ad in the May issue of FDM+C.

Keep an eye out for our ad next month. This is our first exposure to readers of FDM+C (Furniture Design and Manufacturing plus Cabinetmaker), so we're excited to get to know some of the woodworkers, shopowners, and factory teams we haven't reached yet. Their web address is under LINKS if you'd like to subscribe to them.

See our advertorial and new product notices in the March 2015 issue of WOODSHOP NEWS.

Some of you got here by using the links in the digital version of March 2015 Woodshop News, but for those of you who arrived via other routes, check out the articles about the Versidex MEGA-ncw in their magazine. You have to be a subscriber to access the digital version, and that costs $10/year if you're not yet subscribed, but are interested in becoming so. You can get to their website by going under LINKS on the Menu bar, and clicking on Woodshop News. If you do subscribe, or are already subscribed, or can get your hands on a print edition of the magazine, the articles are on pages 29 and 45 in the March 2015 issue.

How fast will my new MEGA-ncw pay for itself?

Look at it this way: Use your new Versidex MEGA just 10hrs/week x 50 weeks/year and you'll have been on it for 500hrs/year. In doing that, you'll biscuit joint your stock about 15 min/ hour faster than your current way, whatever it might be. The MEGA's ease of use and efficiency-based design can save you 125 hours in the above scenario over the course of a year. At a shop rate of $75/hour for labor, that's a SAVINGS of $9375. So payback for your new base-model (Product #3) Versidex is about 4.5 months. But that's a lot of production and maybe your shop isn't quite that busy.

If you'll use your MEGA half as much, say 5 hours/week, a year's SAVINGS is still an impressive $4687., and payback takes about nine months.

So plug in whatever numbers make sense for your shop or factory situation and see what you come up with. Just watch the video and compare the Versidex's speed with how you're doing it now. The Panel Cart would normally be right near the MEGA and we'd probably cycle through panels at a little faster rate than we did in the video while demonstrating how the fixture works, but if you're currently having to manually clamp or use a free hand to hold down your panels while handling your joiner in the other, you are working too hard and too slowly.

Figure out YOUR payback and see how much sense a MEGA makes for your shop. Remember, once you have selected the correct template set from your "library", the MEGA requires no changeout or resetting to mill all three types of butt joints, just the addition of a fence spacer if required by the cabinet design.

We have decided to include as standard equipment, Product/Accessory #27, our Gap Filler:


#PLCPGF  $ 78 + shipping

It will now be shipping with every MEGA-ncw, but we're also now offering it as an Accessory, in case you'd like a second one. If you bought a MEGA without this panel, and would like to have it, let us know. We'll comp you the panel for free, including the shipping. We're sending this offer alert to all registered Versidex owners who purchased their units before 2/15/15 when all MEGAs began shipping with the panel. You'll have to provide your Versidex order number, the date of which must predate or include 2/14/15 to qualify for this offer.

See the Gap Filler's description at #27 under Products on the Menu bar. 

Versidex® received its US Registered trademark on 2/3/15, bringing us national trademark awareness and protection instead of just Massachusetts state protection (™, 6/11/15). We're very excited to have achieved this benchmark as we continue to expand our national marketing efforts.

You can read up on some of our template innovations under the Bevel Joints section in the newly posted User's Manual under Instructions. We also describe a unique panel-centering layout for front edge-cuts, like you would use for attaching face frames. In the Mitered joint section we create 3 dimensional templates, where we glue on referencing stops to compensate for some likely problems. Just more ways to expand the Versidex universe!

The Versidex MEGA-ncw User's Manual is up and viewable. It's a work in progress, but is perfectly readable. There are some internal links that are misbehaving, so if you click them, you will get to the link, but won't be able to get back to where you were, you'll end up back at the start of the Table of Contents instead, and will then have to renavigate down to where you were. We're working on it…but it's behaving fine for just reading and learning about all of the amazing things the MEGA can do. Enjoy!

We have developed a better concept for the Extension Rails Panel accessory, under Products, #8. There's more to it now, but it is easier to mount and dismount for ocassional use and we had heard from Tom A. that he thought we could do better. We agreed. So check out #8 under Products on the Menu bar. We'll put up a current picture for #8 as soon as we can get to it.

Happy New Year! 2015 will see us making a real marketing push to get as many Versidex MEGAs into American shops as we can. Be a part of this revolutionary biscuit joinery concept. We'd like to hear from you!

Look for our ad in Woodshop News. We're preparing our next ad campaign now. Watch for it in January.

We are now featuring Lamello biscuit joiners. The Classic X, the Top 21, and the Zeta P2 all share the same footprint and are all natively compatible with the Versidex MEGA-ncw. See these under Products on the Menu bar, #18, #19, and #20. If you just want a joiner and not a Versidex MEGA, that's fine. You can order anything a la Carte. Send us a Request Quote form, also on the Menu bar, under Request Quote.

We have begun shipping the Versidex MEGA-ncw. We're excited to finally be underway. We're getting orders for stand-alone accessories, too, so if you see something under Accessories under Products on the Menu bar, remember that you may order just that item if you wish. Use the Request Quote form on the Menu bar, and include any questions in the Notes box. Happy Holidays & spread the word about Versidex for us. Thanks.

We will begin shipping in late November 2014. You may send us the Request Quote form any time now, and we will send you a tentative quote, subject to change, as our shipping costs may change prior to late November. We will be keeping our products pricing unchanged. We will recontact you in early November asking if you want an updated and firm quote. If you do, you may then order immediately , or up to 15 days after the DATED quote, at which time we reserve the right to requote the shipping charges on your order.

Some accessory items will not ship until December or January 2015. As accessories, these LATE DATED items are not required. Your Versidex MEGA will be fully operational without them for its basic procedures, but you won’t have the full spread of optional milling techniques without them. There are some accessories that are dated for delivery at the same time as the Versidex MEGA, and you may need those items immediately, such as an air compressor and vacuum system.

If you know just what your MEGA is going to be used for, and require a late-dated accessory in order to perform that/those task(s), let us know in the NOTES box on the Request Quote form, and we’ll see if we can speed things up for you.

The Versidex MEGA-ncw received patent pending status from the USPTO on 9/4/14. We're very pleased to have a verified filing date as we continue to push forward with introducing our revolutionary dedicated biscuit joinery workstation to the woodworking and solid surface shops and factories. "PATENT PENDING" will now be added to our crosspanel decal.

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