This form is fairly long, so remember to scroll down after you fill out the top part. All of the products and their checkboxes are down below. See the note below, too, on the best way to go about using this form. Thank you.

Click on the appropriate options below regarding your receiving facility:

The best way to use this form is to go to Products on the Menu bar, and review the item descriptions and pricing. When you're sure you want to order something, just jot down the ordinal item number using numbers 1-28. Then come back to this Request Quote form, fill out the info up top, and click on the same numbers, 1-28, on this form that you want to order.

If you would like multiple pieces of a given item, add a note in the "Notes" field above, and tell us how many of an item you want to END UP WITH, once your order is completed. We're concerned about confusion here, in that some items come standard with the MEGA anyway, and we don't want you to be over-ordering. Then click SUBMIT FOR QUOTE at the bottom. We'll reply as soon as we can calculate shipping for you. We will detail our shipping policy and your responsibilities on your return quote, and we thank you for requesting a MEGA quote today.

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