Your new Extension Table rails exactly match the dual stationary fences on your Versidex MEGA-ncw. There is a bit of assembly required to set up your Extension Table, but it's fairly straightforward. Before you begin assembly, make sure that you have a secondary support for the outboard end of the Panel, such as an adjustable stand or a sawhorse at the correct height. You may want a second support for the infeed end for later when milling long panels, and using two supports while setting up your Extension Table would be helpful, so if you make up something, make two of them. However, the infeed support must be .75" HIGHER than the Table support. (You can just add .75" material to the infeed support's top later, if you're skeptical.) Be sure you're happy with the working height of the adjustable legs on the MEGA, or choose adjustable supports if you think they're needed. 


First attach the riser strip to the Panel:

Locate the riser strip (1x1.5x35.125"), and the 6 pcs of #12- 1.5" PH screws attached to it. Move the Panel to your bench, and place it upside down so that the GREEN sticker with an F on it is closest to you. Take the riser strip and put the side that says "Mill this side to lower Panel" DOWN onto the Panel, and orient the riser so that the small holes near one edge are closer to you. Do not use GLUE. You want this removable.

Flush the ends to the Panel chamfers, and flush the front edges to each other as you do so. Clamp these together. Drop a screw into each screw hole, and drive them home as straight as possible, tapping and adjusting for exact flushness as you go.

On your MEGA, at the rear end edge, you'll see the End Cap attached to the Platform with a bronze hex drive bolt right in the center. Undo that bolt with the included 4mm hex key, and remove the rail, wiggling it off the biscuits. Put it on the MEGA's mobile base below to store it. Set up your panel supports, adjusted for height, two if you have two, one about 36" off the end of the MEGA and one about 12" off the end. If you only have one support, put it out at 36".

Find the included joining plates & their hardware. Put a washer on each bolt. The one at a time push a bolt through the plate holes adding a washer and an acorn nut on the bolt end. Do all 8 bolts this way.

Then work the plates onto the outer tracks of the MEGA's fences by separating the bolt head and the first washer so that the head passes into the track and the washer sits on top of the track. Next, position the joining plates so that the END of the track is at the mid-point of the plate. Tighten the acorn nuts on the MEGA side and leave the other two alone. Now you're ready to attach the Extension Table.

Next, lay the Panel on the supports, or support, so that the biscuited-riser-fitted end is closer to the MEGA. The joining plates have to be fitted into the table's T-track now. A helper would be valuable here, but if none is available, you can manage. Again, separate the bolt head and the first washer so that the head passes into the track and the washer sits on top of the track. 

Slide the Table toward the MEGA and fit the biscuits into their matching mortises. Work them all the way home, and flush up the sides where the chamfers meet. You may need a SOFT mallet to move the Panel sideways a bit. Use a level or long straight edge to adjust your supports up or down so that the Platform and the Table are in the same plane.

Locate the 8 sets of 1/4-20 x 1-1/4" bolts, washers, and nylock nuts. Drop a bolt into each of the 8 holes along the sides of the Panel. Locate an extension rail and beginning at the end away from the MEGA, lift the first bolt and slide the center track over its head. Repeat all the way down the panel, pulling the rail along as necessary.

Next, fit a washer and nut onto the bolts from underneath. Use a nutdriver to spin them on, a nutdriver being easier for making later adjustments than a rachet would be, but stop when they just first snug up. You'll need to make adjustments in a bit. Do the other rail the same way.

Almost done! Using the same straight edge or level to align the support, lay it against one of the MEGA's fences. Using a SOFT mallet or wood block and hammer, tap the Panel rail/fence into a straight line with the fence, and tap the  far end to push the rail tight against the end of the MEGA's fence. You may have to drive the Panel itself one way or the other a touch to get it just right. Once you think you're there, start tightening the nuts from underneath, beginning with the one farthest from the MEGA, then checking for the straight line again. THEN do the one CLOSEST to the MEGA. Recheck that the rail is in line with the fence, and then do the two middle nuts. Repeat this adjusting procedure on the other fence and rail/fence.

Slide on your multiple pairs of Flip-Stops and you're ready to go! Nice!

Protect the horse or support from being bumped. No need to clamp the extension panel to the horse. BUT during this set-up, the MEGA can't be mobile any more. Put the keeper sticks in front of all of the wheels (2-pcs, each 3/16 x3/16" x 36" of basswood, included with your MEGA-ncw). DO NOT lock the wheels when you use the keeper sticks, the wheels need to want to roll to be kept in place, a canundrum to be sure, but nonetheless true. When finished milling, unclamp the panel from the MEGA, supporting it properly. Store your new Extension Rail Panel assembly with the MEGA-attaching riser end UP. DO NOT use the rails as finger grips to lift the Panel when moving it, as this might move them out of alignment.

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