Properly and cleanly laying out the array lines on your various template sets is critical to the efficiency of the MEGA. This procedure must be done with a lot of forethought and good concentration. We’ll show you a couple of techniques for marking out a template set, how to use the layout arc accessory that will help you, and an inking method that will give you beautiful, clean lines on both the platform and vertical templates. This can be intense work, because if you use the plain MDF that we recommend for your templates, you cannot undo inking mistakes. An inked line is permanent.

That said, the templates themselves are not works of art [some might argue that point] and in and of themselves, they do not save you time or make you any money. USING them is what makes you more money by saving you time, over and over, and for that the only thing that really matters is that the LINES are in the right PLACES. So you mess up the inking a little. It's not a big deal. If the lines get your joiner to the workpiece properly, your template is good to go.

What IS important is that the RED and BLACK lines are properly bookmatched. By following the technique shown in this video, you will always end up with bookmatched red and black lines. But it does take good concentration.


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