Multiple milling means milling more than 2 boards (which is DOUBLE MILLING), panels, or sticks at one time. By one time we mean one insertion procedure of parts into the Versidex. You do have to actually mill each piece. It’s not some magical thing. But it is a speed thing. By inserting multiple pieces across the platform at one time, you can reduce your total number of procedural steps, which saves time, improving your bottom line.

This may be meaningless for 10-20 pieces in a job. But how about 500 pieces? How about 1000 pieces? Multiple milling is a huge contributor to efficiency, and you should learn how to do it and take advantage of it.

The video will show you how to use the multiple milling accessory Keeper Bar listed as #16. #KB under Accessories under Products on the Menu bar. You will require this accessory kit to perform multiple milling accurately and efficiently. We will also show you how and why to make specific STOP BLOCKS for your particular milling set up. There is usually a gap between the fences and the LAST piece of a multiple milling group. The STOP BLOCK fills that gap and holds the pieces firmly against the referencing fence.


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