Included with or on a #VMEGA. See the: Front view   Rear view


1      Mobile rolling base platform (also Product #15)

4      2.5” red polyurethane full swivel wheels* (also with Product #14)

4      .25 x.25 x 36" basswood wheel chocks, or keepers

2      Black metal leg assemblies, as kits*

2      White melamine-on-MDF arched leg stretchers

1      Lower 1” thick MDF shelf

1      Hardwood crossbeam

1      Inflexion and convexity adjusting spindle & handle

4      Threaded knobs to secure the MEGA to the Rolling Stand

2      Flip-up joiner tool rests, with tool restraining bumpers; 2 total, L & R, & 2 bumper templates for non-Lamello, or non-current Lamello joiners

2      Blowgun hanger/hook on Left and Right sides (2 total)

2      Dual stationary T-track fences (also Product #8)

2      Woodpecker molded flip stops (also Product #7) 

1      Safety Clamp Spacer for .75" thick material (also Product #4 )

1      Platform/Crosspanel Gap Filler, 11 x 30.75 x 1.5", with a "D" handle, finished in "Acorn" (also Product #27)

2      Laminated indexing indicator strips, one red and one black

2      Sharpie inking pens, one red and one black

2      Dual automatic spring closer assemblies

2      Large platform templates with attached noses: 
        one of white melamine-on-MDF, inscribed at 4” & 3” centers
        one of plain MDF, not inscribed

3      Curvaceous vertical templates: 
        all 3 of white melamine-on-MDF, one inked at 4” & 3” centers; the others are NOT inked (also Product #6)

1      Regulated air-clamping system with a 2 piston pressure bar

1      On/off pneumatic clamping-system control valve

1      Air filter and semi-automatic drain (drains when psi<5)

1      Spring-coil air hose and safety-tipped blowgun; NO quick-disconnect coupler; keep it that way, so it won't go missing

1      3’ air hose to connect pneumatic system to compressed-air source

1      Swiveling D-ring controller for your joiner power cord & vacuum hose (if of a narrow enough diameter)

1      Restraining cord with ball weights, dust hose to D-ring restraint

6      Self-grip Velcro strips to strap joiner cord & vacuum hose together

1      7-piece decal set, pre-applied, masking still on for shipping


Does not include a joiner or mortiser.

Does not include an air compressor or vacuum system.

Does not include anything else not mentioned within “Includes”.

*These items are drop-shipped to you separately, from different sources.

The Versidex MEGA-ncw has a retail value of:   $ 3,800.

The Versidex Online Price is Just:    $ 3,230.*

* Palletizing & shipping via motor freight is additional, and will be determined when we quote your order. Some items are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer, wholesaler or dealer. Taxes, where applicable, are additional. Versidex is in MA.

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