Front View
versidex safety clamp spacer front view
Rear View
versidex safety clamp spacer rear view

The Safety Clamp Spacer is used, and is essential, when milling one panel at a time, and that panel is less than 22" wide. The Spacer is used to balance the drop of the pressure bar when the air clamp is activated. Without balancing the drop, the pressure bar will over-drop on one side and jam, and maybe damage, the air pistons. The spacer must match the about-to-be-milled panel in height, meaning thickness. You might need a number of spacers of varying thicknesses. Your MEGA-ncw comes standard with a .75" high Safety Clamp Spacer. We offer one as an accessory, because we're taking a wild guess that at some point you'll lose the original one. 

When you double or multiple mill, you do not need this, but if you single mill, which we do here frequently, you MUST balance the pressure bar of the clamping system with a spacer like this. All it needs to be is a piece of scrapwood that is equal in height, meaning thickness, to the piece you're milling, and measures about 8" long and 4" wide or so. You don't even really need handles.

So why do we have two handles on ours? It's because we have a nasty habit of taking the safety spacer out and forgetting to put it back. Then we mess up the clamping system when we forget to use one and it's unbalanced. The second, or rear, handle locks the spacer under the crosspanel so that it stays on the platform template throughout a particular run when you need it.

Your inscribed vertical template has two short, black marks at its bottom edge. These indicate the locations of the air pistons on the backside of the crosspanel. You should put your spacer at the further "away" mark, as shown in the left-hand photo, depending on which fence is being used for your single panel milling.

The standard thickness or height is .75", but your others will be different if you mill thinner or thicker materials. We only make the .75" thick ones at this point, but you can use it as a pattern for making your own of different thicknesses.

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