The Extension Table is not always required, but is necessary when a cabinet has multiple fixed shelves or vertical mid-partitions or dividers, and the panel receiving those mortises is longer than the MEGA’s standard fences can accommodate. The maximum length you can process with one flip-stop set-up is determined by the panel length and your shelf spacing, which together will give various maximum results. Your MEGA comes standard with only 2 Flip-Stops. For milling efficiency, you’ll need 2 more Flip-Stops (see this Accessory above, #7) for EACH additional fixed shelf in your cabinet, so that all of the shelf locations can be set up for double-milling without having to reposition any of the Stops.

The .75" thick Extension Table has a 1" thick build-up cleat that mounts onto the rear of the MEGA using a biscuit array and joining plates. The resulting TOP surface is even with the TOP surface of the MEGA's fixed rear Platform Template half. The butting ends of the Platform template and the Extension Table are both beveled to accommodate any slight height difference.

You will need to SUPPORT the Extension Table's end on a stand or a sawhorse and then make the panel level. Failure to support them properly, will surely DAMAGE them, the connectors, and maybe the platform edge as well.

Your MEGA now comes standard with a pre-biscuited Platform End Cap that fits into the biscuit mortises on the Platform's end when you're not using the Extension Table. Its top edge sits 1/8" lower than the Platform surface, and it is held by a single hex drive connector. If your older MEGA came not so equipped, we'll send you one with the Extension Table, along with Instructions for retro-fitting the rear edge of the MEGA's Platform to accept both the Extension Table and the End Cap.

The Extension Table includes two 44" double T-track rails and their mounting bolts, washers and nuts, the extension panel itself, its pre-biscuited build-up cleat, and two joining plates with their 4 bolts, acorn cap nuts, and washers for each plate. All MEGAs have a serial number stamped into the Left Front corner of the unit. Include this number on your Request Quote form, and we'll supply the End Cap if your unit didn't have one.

For instructions on how to attach the Extension Table to your MEGA, click on this linkInstructions are here.

#XTNT           $ 235 + oversize shipping & remember to order additional Flip-Stops above.




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