These panel carts are not required, but we STRONGLY recommend them as part of the Versidex Transfer System. Because the Versidex MEGA works by you feeding panels into it, having a fast, efficient transfer system is essential to your saving time during the milling process. We do not make the carts. The freight on them is frightening, but you can source your preferred materials locally, do your own labor, and come out way ahead.

Plans come separately, and then you can order the number of wheels you will need. The wheels are 6” maroon polyurethane treads over polyolefin wheels, are non-locking, and are full-swiveling. They have grease fittings for easier maintenance. 

Your cart will have an elevated floor, which puts the uprightly-stored panels at a perfect height so you're not bending over to pick them up. Most carts you can find online have a very low floor, which can lead to back strain, but the low floor does keep the cart's center-of-gravity very low. This is a SAFETY issue. A high-floored cart, loaded with panels, will be more likely to tip-over when used carelessly, pushed sideways, or otherwise misused, having a high center-of-gravity. They easily handle a full load of .75" thick melamine-on-PBC kitchen base cabinet sides measuring 24x30.5", BUT that cart will be HEAVY, having a lot of MASS at just under 700lbs. If it runs into something, the impact will be substantial.

If used properly, these carts are the way to go. Since we built our first ones 25 years ago, we have never tipped one over. Then again, we work carefully, with safety first, no fooling around, aware of the carts' limitations, and all of that. These plans will guide you to make a cart body measuring: 50x16x32"h. There are two end platforms each measuring 19x9" that overhang the body on three of their four sides, bringing the final cart dimensions to 52x19x41"h, with 6" wheels providing 7.5" of that total height. The interior panel storage area ends up measuring 32x16x22"h, so the cart will hold about 40 panels that are .75" thick, because we angle the first panel slightly so they'll stay put.

Order one plan set, and choose the number of wheels you need for the number of carts you want to make. We use 4 carts as part of the full Versidex Transfer System set up, but you could start with TWO (at least) and add the others singly over time, having to order just the wheel sets. Order your wheels figuring 4 per cart at: #11. 4 pcs, #12. 8 pcs, or #13. 16 pcs, below

Plan set is:  #P4PC            $ 29 + shipping

Available in March 2015



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