We here at Versidex feel that these two devices provide more than the necessary performance to help you do excellent work. We are not tool dealers per se. We have established supply lines with these manufacturers at very small discounts, just so we can provide top-notch Versidex MEGA packages for those customers who really prefer one-stop shopping. Those customers want a well-designed and matched system. We try to provide that convenience at a price that is somewhat close to street prices. We will sell you a MEGA all by itself, if you prefer to crawl the web and track down better deals for these components, or to buy other components you might prefer. We don’t mind. Our main goal is to help you become the owner of a Versidex MEGA.

What is important for you to remember is that the on-board, lower equipment shelf is of limited size, and that to be self-contained, both the compressor and the vacuum will have to fit on there. More capacity can be added, by removing the lower shelf and adhering it to the mobile base. That increases the available height, but not the width. In fact, the width becomes MORE limited, but height might be MORE important in accommodating the tandem you want to use.

See the topic “#8. Alternative position for the lower shelf in the "Assembly Instructions for the 31" Versidex™ MEGA-ncw Rolling Stand" under Instructions on the Menu bar. We believe that self-containment plays a very important part in the overall Versidex experience and environment, and that you really should try to achieve that. Our recommended components do that, but so may other component tandems.



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